VoIP Business Services

VoIP Business Services is a converged digital communications protocol and converged IP telephony systems that offer hosted IP communication and unified communications protocols on the same network. VoIP Business Services includes hosted IP telephone services and various other features including call recording, instant call forwarding, conference calling, audio conferencing, web conferencing, and file sharing all in a single system. VoIP is used to connect with VoIP enabled devices and equipment. It offers many features and functions through a converged network that works anywhere there is an Internet connection. To use VoIP technology, you need a high-speed Internet connection, a telephone that can communicate with VoIP enabled devices, and a software program or driver that is able to convert voice signals into packets that can be transmitted over an IP network.

The converged infrastructure enables organizations to reduce cost, while improving service and productivity. There are various types of VoIP services available, depending on how well the organizations utilize the services. For small businesses, they generally use hosted IP telephones with unified communications platforms like VOIP Edge. Enterprises use hosted IP telephones with unified communications platforms such as VOIP Edge. Some organizations also use hosted IP telephones with proprietary unified communications platforms like Cisco.

There are several ways to utilize these converged IP communication systems for small businesses, enterprises, and government agencies. The business phone services provided by VoIP Business Services are designed to meet the communication needs of the smallest to the largest business. The best way to get a handle on all of your unified communications needs is to find the right provider. It should incorporate all the necessary functionality for small businesses and organizations, while still delivering superior performance and reliability over the Internet.

Hosted PBX:

Hosted IP Telephony solutions are converged IP communications platforms that enable companies to seamlessly integrate with the existing network and switch the business phone services between internal telephone systems and IP phones. The advantages include unified communications via IP, greater flexibility, advanced security features, reliability, and scalability. Hosted IP telephony can be used for voice, data, or even a combination of voice, data, and IP communication. A hosted solution typically includes toll-free numbers, local and long distance phone numbers, an 800 number, a conference number, a connect button, a call transfer feature, a call conferencing feature, and more. Most services offer unlimited numbers, free setup, no contracts, free upgrades, and unlimited calls and texts.

SIP trunking:

This is a new generation VoIP system that provides businesses with unified communications capabilities and flexibility at lower cost. It connects two or more local networks, allows for easy interoffice communications, and allows users to place or receive calls from anywhere in the world, no matter whether they are in the office or out of the office. It offers great benefits to businesses and enables them to reduce expenses and stay competitive.

Call Forwarding: With a VoIP service provider, you can get cheap international calls with unlimited destinations at reduced rates. A remote service provider forwards your calls to your alternate numbers as and when necessary. You don’t need to subscribe to a long distance calling plan; there is no need for a switchboard and there are no ongoing monthly fees. Call forwarding can be set up with an instant dialing process and you have the freedom to make unlimited calls without any extra hardware required.

Video Calling: With a voice and data combined solution, your business can enjoy smooth and seamless video communications. Video services allow you to make inbound and outbound video calls, even when you’re on the road. They also allow you to place video clips on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. and has the capacity to stream videos in high definition format from mobile devices to personal computers. VoIP providers have a range of solutions for small, medium and large businesses to help them enhance their business communications and improve customer experience.

  • VoIP Business Services is revolutionizing the way we communicate and interact with one another.
  • This new era offers businesses amazing features that make interactions with customers and partners more personalized and enriching.
  • With a good VoIP system, it will be easy for your company to cut costs while increasing productivity and enhancing the overall customer experience.
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