Technology and the future are quite closely linked. They are almost inseparable. From birth to death, they are in constant motion together. Thus, they should be coupled in a way that every interaction with technology is easy and has no hindrances.

The natural resource is getting more scarce.

With each passing day, it gets more expensive to use. Thus, in order to maintain its preeminence, the human resource should not be overused. That is why technology should be used sparingly.

Each and every advancement in technology and the future bring more demands for its usage. As per a research conducted on various places like the UK, America, Brazil, India, China, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Korea, it was found that nearly every country where technology is practiced, there were less people who are employed in the manufacturing of electronic devices. Also, the percentage of self-employed individuals using technology increased in the third world countries.

According to research conducted in the USA, the economic development that is associated with technological advances has increased the income of middle-class individuals. Hence, we see that technological advances are crucial to economy.

However, economic growth cannot be sustained by technological innovations alone. Technological advancements are actually only applicable in helping humans to survive, develop, and produce for their purpose in life.

The human mind is quite an animal. It needs to be trained to enhance its productivity. The inventions that help us live a more productive life but should be further developed, and not just limited to their invention.

Human intelligence has its own limitations.

Hence, it is necessary that human beings should be allowed to develop at their own pace and in a manner that can be carried out within reasonable limits. Technology does not move in a straight line; it takes time to do the same job. People should be given the chance to practice and master it.

In the same way, technological advances should not be used excessively. The misuse of technology in the present period could negatively affect future generations. Just think of the future human race and the population explosion that could occur if we use technology in a way that harms the living environment.

Technological advancements should also not destroy the existing environment. We should use the invention as a tool that enhances the quality of life of humanity rather than restricting it. In this way, technology and the future can go hand in hand.

When the technological advancement is restricted, there would be a diminishing of human consciousness. With technology as a tool, there will be limitations on the number of people who use the tool, but with the consciousness of the majority and the wealth creation that they create, the way of life can be made to progress.

The world is modernizing very fast and needs technological advancement for the smooth running of the present economy. Without such invention, we may find ourselves in great difficulty in coming out of the present economic crisis.

  • The human mind and the technology are forever intertwined.
  • Technological advancement and the future of humanity need to move in tandem.
  • Thus, the technology and the future must be coupled together.