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ScriptCs Templating Support

If you havn’t yet heard about ScriptCs, it is not too late. Go hereI just checked in a ScriptCs Templating module to integrate Razor and StringTemplate transformations in ScriptCs workflow. ScrtipCs Templating module can apply a Razor or StringTemplate (ST4) template on top of one or more model files (normally an xml file or json file), for scenarios like code generation or templating. Example below. The first bits are template moduleInstall scriptcs. You need to install the nightly build using Chocoloately - cinst scriptcs -pre -source (Refer if you don't understand this) Clone the repo at or download the source code from there. Open the solution and build it in Visual Studio. From the command line create a package: nuget pack -version 0.1.0-alphaIn VS, edit your Nuget package…