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Reactive Extensions Or Rx (More On IEnumerable, IQueryable, IObservable and IQbservable) - Awesome Libraries For C# Developers #2

In my last post – we had a look at Interactive Extensions. In this post, we’ll do a recap of Reactive Extensions and LINQ to Event streams.Reactive Extensions are out there in the wild for some time, and I had a series about Reactive Extensions few years back. How ever, after my last post on Interactive Extensions, I thought we should discuss Reactive extensions in a bit more detail. Also, in this post we’ll touch IQbservables – the most mysteriously named thing/interface in the world, may be after Higgs Boson. Push and Pull sequences are everywhere – and now with the devices on one end and the cloud at the other end, most of the data transactions happen via push/pull sequences. Hence, it is essential to grab the basic concepts regarding the programming models around them.First Things FirstLet us take a step back and discuss IEnumerable and IQueryable first, before discussing further about Reactive IObservable and IQbservable (Qbservables = Queryable Observables – Oh yea, funny name).…

Interactive Extensions - Awesome Libraries For C# Developers #1

Recently while I was giving a C# talk,  I realized that a lot of developers are still not familiar with the advantages of some of the evolving, but very useful .NET libraries. Hence, I thought about writing a high level post introducing some of them as part of my Back To Basics series, generally around .NET and Javascript. In this post we’ll explore Interactive Extensions, which is a set of extensions initially developed for Reactive Extensions by the Microsoft Rx team.RecapInteractive Extensions, at its core, has a number of new extensions methods for IEnumerable<T> – i.e it adds a number of utility LINQ to Object query operators.  You may have hand coded some of these utility extension methods some where in your helpers or utility classes, but now a lot of them are aggregated together by the Rx team.  Also, this post assumes you are familiar with the cold IEnumerable model and iterators in C#. Basically, what C# compiler does is, it takes an yield return statement and generate…