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Building A Recommendation Engine - Machine Learning Using Windows Azure HDInsight, Hadoop And Mahout

Feel like helping some one today? Let us help the Stack Exchange guys to suggest questions to a user that he can answer, based on his answering history, much like the way Amazon suggests you products based on your previous purchase history.  If you don’t know what Stack Exchange does – they run a number of Q&A sites including the massively popular Stack Overflow.  Our objective here is to see how we can analyze the past answers of a user, to predict questions that he may answer in future. May Stack Exchange’s current recommendation logic may work better than ours, but that won’t prevent us from helping them for our own  learning purposes . We’ll be doing the following tasks. Extracting the required information from Stack Exchange data set Using the required information to build a Recommender But let us start with the basics.   If you are totally new to Apache Hadoop and Hadoop On Azure, I recommend you to read these introductory articles before you begin, where I explain HDInsight…