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May be this is the best time for Microsoft to Open Source the .NET Framework

Just read a thoughtful post from OdeToCode / Scott Allen – Where is .NET headed.  Scott wrote,If your business or company still relies solely on components delivered to developers through an MSDN subscription, then it is past time to start looking beyond what Microsoft offers for .NET development so you won’t be left behind in 5 years. Embrace and support open source.At least, that’s how I see things.As I commented there, the best move Microsoft could make at this point, with respect to .NET is - to Open Source the .NET Framework. And then launch a program like Apache Incubator around to promote ‘real’ OSS initiatives around the .NET ecosystem. I believe, the real problem with .NET ecosystem is the unavailability of serious frameworks for solving new age problems - .NET developers are cramped with the non-availability of Proven libraries for Machine Learning, Distributed Processing, Text Processing etc. - Talk about Hadoop, Solr, Lucene, Mahout, Storm, OpenNLP etc - All written in Jav…