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‘HTML5 vs. Hybrid vs. Native Dilemma’ When You Build Enterprise Mobile Applications - The Bigger Picture

This post is mainly about building Enterprise Mobile applications. Today I was reading Charlie's post about building mobile applications, and was analyzing the hybrid application scenario from an Enterprise Standpoint.The Bigger PictureMost of the recent conversations I had about building enterprise mobile applications starts with questions like “Whether I should go Hybrid or Native”. It is true that a lot of organizations are interested to go the ‘hybrid’ way because of cost concerns – but in my opinion, any decision should be customer driven instead of cost driven. So, the answer for this question should be driven by “What will give the best user experience to the end user”, instead or/along with asking questions like “how we can reduce the cost”. This is true for all apps, not just for enterprise mobile apps. Beyond this, from an Enterprise Standpoint, I think achieving end point independence is another way to reduce your cost and future proof your investments. So, while “HTML5…

Changing Times For Web Developers – 6 Tips You Should Read To Survive

The context of this post is about the changing times for a web developer, and I see a lot of web developers still lagging behind especially in the .NET world.  If you haven't yet started mastering your art and adapting to the changing trends, you should start today. Think about crafting your web applications properly. Use commonsense to mix and match based on scenarios. Here we go with 6 Tips to be a responsible web developer, and to stay on top of what you do. 1 – Learn to write better JavaScript and CSSIf you don’t write proper JavaScript and CSS, you are dead. Learn the good parts about JavascriptVenture into Advanced JavascriptFamiliarize yourself with a higher level abstraction language to write JavaScript once you are comfortable with plain Javascript – Like CoffeeScript or TypeScript. Also, master the common Javascript libraries, including these essentialsJQuery – Alright, you know this, don’t you? Require.js - A JavaScript file and module loader. Underscore .js – A pretty …

Meet Ms. Roslyn – Article in DNC Magazine

I wrote a couple of articles here about Ms. Roslyn earlier.  Roslyn provides language services and APIs on top of .NET’s compiler services, and this will enable .NET developers to do a lot more things – including Using C# and VB.NET as scripting languagesUse compiler as a service in your own applications for code related tasksDevelop better language and IDE extensions etc.Write code analysis and manipulation tools around Visual Studio IDESee my previous articles on RoslynRoslyn September 2012 CTP OverviewRoslyn introduction – Bend your code with RoslynSo, I was more than happy to contribute when the Amazing Dotnet Curry Magazine team reached out to me for an article on Roslyn. Go, download and subscribe the DNC Magazine here. It is a free Magazine, and kudos to the great work from Suprotim, Sumit and team for the awesome work they are doing for the community by bringing this out. You can get the magazine issues for free here.Happy Coding!!