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Up and Running with Meteor in a Linux VM in Windows Azure in 10 minutes

I wanted a developer machine/server for doing some quick prototyping with Node and Meteor, and decided to setup one quickly in Azure. If you are wondering what is meteor, checkout this video from the meteor website.Meteor provides a unique model that doesn’t require much plumbing as in ‘normal’ web applications, and you can write Javascript files that combine both server and client side logic, and can write to the database directly from the client side. Behind the scenes, Meteor will manage all the plumbing. Exciting? Here is a quick guided walk through to start with a Meteor server in a Linux Azure VM in 10 minutes. 1 – Setup the Linux Virtual MachineTo start with,  Go to Windows Azure website and sign up for the trial (There is a 90 day free trial for you to enjoy) if you don’t have an account. Head over to the management portal at, click New –> Virtual Machines –> From Gallery and choose OpenLogic CentOS 6.2. Click next,…