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Bending Your Code Like Anders With C# Roslyn APIs - More About Syntax Trees

In my previous post Introduction to C# Roslyn CTP, I gave a quick introduction about C# Roslyn CTP, and briefed how you could use C# as a Scripting Language using Roslyn. I also gave a quick introduction regarding parsing code using Roslyn APIs. Recommend you to read the same before starting this.On a side note, you could also read few of my related C# vNext posts here.Understanding C# Tasks and Parallel ExtensionsC# 5.0 Async – A Simple IntroductionUsing Mono for implementing C# ScriptingIn this post, we’ll re-look at few Roslyn features, based on the June 2012 CTP release – so that you can start leveraging Roslyn to write your own build tasks and pre processors. Also, note that you can compile the Syntax Debugger Visualizer sample that comes with the Roslyn CTP – Find it in the Shared folder in the CTP installation. Open the SyntaxDebuggerVisualizer project and compile the libraries, and place it in your Documents\<VisualStudioFolder>\Visualizers so that you can visualize synt…