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The Patent System is so Broken, Be careful if you are a developer!!

I was reading Fred’s rants about Yahoo crossing the line by suing Facebook, and got kind of Shocked when I went through the patents Yahoo is using to Sue Facebook. The point is, most of these patents are so generic that you can get sued if you run a web site. Why patents do exist for all trivial common tasks and architecture patterns in the world? A common sense design decision I’m going to take for my next website or my next customer project is already patented!! This is ridiculous.“Dynamic Page Generator”For example, have a look at this “Dynamic Page Generator” patent – It can be used to sue any CGI/Server side stack.  The patent statesAn custom page server is provided with user preferences organized into templates stored in compact data structures and the live data used to fill the templates stored local to the page server which is handing user requests for custom pages. One process is executed on the page server for every request. The process is provided a user template for the us…