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Scripting and Code Analysis using Roslyn – And a first look at Roslyn CTP

Microsoft recently released Roslyn CTP, which previews the upcoming features of C# and VB.NET. Roslyn CTP is a pretty exciting release, and it opens up lot of possibilities for C# and VB.NET programmers. Roslyn provides language services and APIs on top of .NET’s compiler services, and this will enable .NET developers to do a lot more things – including using C# and VB.NET as scripting languages, use compiler as a service in your own applications for code related tasks, develop better language and IDE extensions etc. Download Roslyn CTPMSDN Roslyn CTP Page and Related ResourcesAlso, Roslyn provides a lot of possibilities for developers to write code analysis and manipulation tools around Visual Studio IDE, and provides APIs that’ll enable you to develop Visual Studio enhancements pretty quickly. The Roslyn APIs will have full fidelity with C# and VB for syntax, semantic binding, code emission, etc – and you’ll see soon a lot of language bending around C# and VB.NET, and possibly new D…