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Web Oriented Architecture is here to Stay, and Why Microsoft’s new WCF Stack is interesting.

For the last few months, I was working closely with few customers across domains including telecom, e-learning, health care etc.. There are few recurring themes I’ve observed across the line, and I think some of them are realistic indicators regarding the adoption of WOA in the mainstream. Decision DriversOrganizations are understanding the necessity of making their business logic and data available to multiple end points. REST is evolving more and more as a default choice for building a public service layer, around your existing data and intelligence. So, here are few common concerns for CIOs.Generalizing Investments - How to maximize the ROI by ensuring that your features and functionalities are accessible to a variety of devices. Ensuring Governance - How to ensure a common governance scheme that encompasses all your ‘delta’ investments Ensuring Reusability - How to ensure reusability across your business investments. And almost all of the above concerns boil down to a strategy whe…