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Microsoft TechEd India 2011 – An event to remember

Tech Ed India 2011 was a great experience. Tech Ed events are always awesome. The level of energy you experience in Tech Ed is amazing – You’ll meet lot of great people, exchange a number of ideas, share your concerns, find solutions, seek ways to improve, learn together, share the passion, and much more. For me, Tech Ed is always a source of inspiration.

Note: I’ve Created An Archive of #TechEdIn tweets here : 

Meeting Experts via The Roundtables and Providing direct feedback

As I’m part of the MVP community, one great opportunity in Tech Ed is to meet the experts via the Roundtable conferences. I was part of some high energy conversations with Jason Zanders , Yousef Khalidi, Rajiv Kumar (MS IDC Hyderabad) etc. Some of the information you get via these conversations are under NDA ;), but one serious concern I shared with Jason is the strategy of Microsoft when it comes to Tablets and IPTVs. I also suggested Yousef that it’ll be great if Microsoft can evolve the Azure storage to match NoSQL use cases.

Also, during the conversations with Jason and Yusuf, I realized how seriously Microsoft takes the input from the community.



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Conversations & Idea Networking

In Tech Ed, you’ll network with a lot of people. The MVP community in India is very open and vibrant - so that you can network with experts and MVPs in various Microsoft related technology areas, and can have intense idea exchanges, debates and discussions. I met a number of great guys, and had a handful of very interesting conversations - with guys like Abhijit, Abhishek, Lohit, Suprotim, Vijay, Ravikanth, Dhananjay, Hima, Krishna, Harish, Ram, Shravan, Alpesh etc – Just to name a few. I had detailed conversations on plug in support for IE9, leveraging the web sockets and HTML5 for something very interesting (secret), Code contracts in C#, BDD etc to name a few – with various guys.









Keynotes and Presentations

One visible part of Tech Ed event is the Keynotes and presentations on various areas – I mentioned it last because I thought I should highlight the less known aspects of Tech Ed first. This Tech Ed had a lot of great sessions, from distinguished speakers and community rock stars. Especially, I liked the Keynote from Jason on Day 3, and also sessions from (the ones I attended) Vinod Kumar, Yousef etc.

Overall, it was great fun, learning and networking - I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to all of you for making the event that much interesting!!

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