Find Your “Worth As a Developer Score” (WDS) – A Self Rating Map for .NET Developers

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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I thought about putting together a simple self rating mechanism for developers - mainly .NET developers. “Worth As A Developer Score” is a rating system out of 1000, that’ll help you rate yourself across a set of competencies in multiple areas. It is modeled around the following aspects.

  • Familiarity in basic concepts, common frameworks, tools and programming languages
  • Cross skill quotient and ability to work between platforms (with in .NET framework).

Here is how to find your Worth As a Developer (WDS) Score. Nice Acronym, huh?  Consider the chart below. You are allowed to replace a framework/tool/Lib in the below map with a similar framework/tool/lib that is not there in the map  (For eg, you can replace NInject with AutoFac or EF with Subsonic) – But make sure that the number of items in a quadrant remain unchanged.



Now, calculating your WDS Score is pretty simple

  1. For each item in the ‘Basics’ quadrant (SOLID, TDD etc) - rate yourself out of 40 (0 least, 40 best). There are ten items there, so the maximum score you can have is 400.
  2. Now for *all* items in *all* the other quadrants other than the ‘Basic’ quadrant – rate yourself out of 10 (0 least, 10 best). There are a total of 60 Items across the remaining quadrants, so the maximum score you can have is 600.

Add up both the scores (what you got out of 400 + what you got out of 600), and this is your WDS score as a .NET developer out of 1000. Simple, huh? :)

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