Chrome PageGuide Extension to View related pages & tweets, Linked pages & tweets etc

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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I’m an ardent user of Google Chrome, and often wanted to have a plug-in that can show me related pages when I read a page, show pages and tweets linked to the current page etc. So, I wrote one myself and released a new extension for Google Chrome – named PageGuide.

You may install PageGuide from the Chrome Web Store

With Page Guide Extension, you can

  • Get recommendations and view Related Pages when you are reading a page
  • View pages Linked to the current page you've open
  • Vew tweets from @usernames you've in this web page
  • Tweets linking to the current page

Get instant recommendations when you read something, or use it to find out other pages linked to your blog page. 

You can open the plugin window by clicking the PageGuide button that will appear below any web page, and hide it by clicking the title.

It is mainly around JQuery, and I’ll share the source code soon.

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