Silverlight (with full .NET programming model support) is coming to Slate devices?

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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I always viewed Silverlight as a platform with great potential, and long time back I blogged about Why Silverlight is going to be *The* Development platform.

How ever, imageLast week, post PDC2010, a lot of debate happened on Silver-light’s future. This was triggered by Bob Miguel's “Strategy Shift” comment  which followed by reports from Mashable along with a number of other Tech medias along the lines of “Microsoft Shifts from Silverlight to HTML”.

This caused a big dilemma and confusion in the community about Silverlight’s future (My perspectives here) – Though Bob came up few good clarifications on the entire drama (Read this post from Bob Muglia ), according to me, a couple of things were still hanging in the air. 

I concluded my last post saying

Don’t let Silverlight go down under the carpet, don’t limit it just ‘for phone’ or only for other ‘sweet spots’. Commit towards investing more in Silverlight, to implement more features and tooling around them - so that it’ll stay on top of HTML5, as a value added platform. Say that publicly. Continue the efforts for making it cross browser and cross platform. Continue supporting Moonlight initiatives for Linux. Promote Silverlight based OS platforms (Windows Phone 7 OS) more – so that it can get more adoption for thin devices and IP TVs. Provide better support for Silverlight in Mac for OOB scenario

Silverlight and Windows Embedded

I was so keen to know whether the ‘Strategy shift’ has affected Microsoft’s commitment to bring the full power of Silverlight beyond the PC and the Phone, to other devices too (especially, a variety of handheld devices that runs on Windows Embedded). Microsoft already has a Silverlight runtime available for Windows Embedded devices. How ever, the current implementation don’t support the .NET stack, you were expected to use the Native controls and C++, which means you can’t multi target your apps.

Now, Scott Gu has posted his reply to the Silverlight questions in his blog, and I got pleasantly surprised to see a clarification from him for some of the readers in the Comments section.


So, that is news. Microsoft will be enabling a full .NET programming model for Silverlight in Windows Embedded, and it seems that a Silverlight version that can support managed programming model is under development for Windows Embedded (Probably for Windows Embedded Compact 7 ?). This will certainly accelerate the adoption of Silverlight as a platform for a wide variety of applications.

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