Introducing ‘Vingy’ Add-in for VS2010 – Search StackOverflow, CodeProject, DotNetKick etc easily from with in Visual Studio

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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search For some time, I was thinking about developing a web search plug-in for Visual Studio, so that I can search the web (mainly sites like StackOverflow, CodeProject, MSDN etc) in a non intrusive way, with out leaving the IDE.

Here we go, meet Vingy 1.0 – A simple, but effective add in for Visual Studio 2010 so that you can search the web in a non intrusive way, and can filter results based on sources.

Getting used to Vingy

You can bring up Vingy either by clicking View->Other Windows –> Vingy Search Window from the Visual Studio IDE, or just by high lighting some text in the document and then clicking Tools –> Search Selected Text (Ctrl + 1).

Searching with Vingy is pretty straight forward. You can initiate a Search in two ways.

  • By typing the text in the Vingy search box and pressing ‘Enter’ or by clicking the ‘Go’ button
  • By highlighting some text in the editor when you type in Visual Studio, and then pressing Ctrl + 1

image So, after installing Vingy, high light some text in your editor and press Ctrl + 1 to start searching.

You can use the Next and Previous buttons to browse through the results, and can click the Title of a result or the tiny ‘Open’ button to open the result in a full browser Window. Also, there is a progress ‘busy’ indicator to indicate if Vingy is busy.


The Source Selector

You may also restrict your search based on particular sources. For example, you may need to view the results only from StackOverflow or MSDN, and not from the entire Web. You can select the source via the Source selector combo box.



Installing Vingy

Vingy is free and you can install the same from this direct link (hosted at Visual Studio Extensions Gallery)  or via the Extensions Manager in Visual Studio 2010 (Search Vingy in the Online Gallery). Enjoy, happy coding!!

Let me know your feedback. This version is minimal, but I’ll add more meat based on your feedback. Also, planning to make it open source after a bit of code cleanup.

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