5 Interesting C# Articles – Fluent Interfaces, Anon Types, ‘dynamic’ keyword, Lambda Expressions, Type Inference etc

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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In this round up post, I’ll list down some of my “Back To Basics” C# Articles.

1 – Creating Fluent Interfaces in C#

This post demonstrates various possibilities of Fluent programming in C#. Have a look at how to train a bunch of dogs using Fluent interfaces

2 – Revisiting Delegates, Anon Methods & Lambdas

This post briefs Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda expressions, and how these features got evolved with various versions of C#. Also, this post has few interesting uses of Lambda expressions as well

3 – A closer look at Anonymous Types in C#

If you want to examine Anonymous types closely, have a look at this post. This post briefs the object initializer syntax, and projections via Anonymous types.

4 – C# ‘dynamic’ Keyword – Under the hood

Want to know more about the Dynamic features of C#, and how the ‘dynamic’ keyword is getting compiled? See this post, where we have a look at the disassembled code to examine how ‘dynamic’ keyword actually works.

5 – C# Compiler Type inference for Generic Methods

In this post, we’ll examine type inference features of C# compiler for generic methods, and how to leverage that to write cool extension methods with type inference.

Happy Coding, Enjoy!!

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