Speaking at Indian Developer Summit – Hands on MVVM for WPF and Silverlight Session

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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imageGuys, I’m talking at the Great Indian Developer Summit, April 20-23 2010; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.


With over 6500 attendees benefiting over two game changing editions, GIDS is the gold standard for India's software developer ecosystem for gaining exposure to and evaluating new projects, tools, services, platforms,languages, software and standards.

My session will be : Hands on MVVM for WPF and Silverlight, April 20th. In this session, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about creating useful, feature rich applications using WPF and Silverlight, leveraging the power of MVVM. My presentation will also cover binding concepts, Commanding, Behaviors (Triggers, Actions), User Controls etc.

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The GIDS guys have created a nice poster (that you see on right) for my session. Cool :) Alright, so see you there!!

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