Bing Maps + oData + Windows Phone 7 - Nerd Dinner Client For Windows Phone 7

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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Here is a quick Windows Phone 7 client for Nerd Dinner. You can query the Nerd Dinner oData endpoint and see the dinners in the Bing maps as push pins. Also, you can select a Push Pin to view the related details of the dinner. Source code is available here

It is a spin off of my actual Silverlight + oData + Bing Maps Client for Nerd Dinner

It was a quick 1-2 hour work. Myself and Shoban was discussing this for some time, and today we spend some time together in Tech Ed India 2010 – and did a quick port - at least partially to Windows Phone 7.


image image  image

Key Changes from Silverlight Version

  • As you can’t add an oData service reference directly in VS 2010 Express for Windows Phone, we created an oData endpoint for Scott’s nerd dinner website ( manually using the DataSvcUtil.exe from the command line, and added to the Phone project.
  • I’ve taken away the MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) implementation (Yes, I know, Glenn block have a custom port of MEF to Windows Phone 7, but I’m not using that now :) )

Still some critical functionalities are missing, like you won’t be able to sign-in RSVPs, and you can’t initiate a call – But have a look at the source code to see oData, Bing Maps and Windows Phone 7 in action, and start adding functionalities by yourself ;).

Happy Coding.

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