Key Take Aways and Links from #Mix10 Keynote - Silverlight + Windows Phone 7 + XNA

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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Watching online the Mix 10 Keynote from Scott Guthrie. Here we go, the key take aways listed below.


  • Windows Phone 7 Silverlight runtime is almost identical to the existing Silverlight runtime (well, almost – SL For WM7 still miss things like DLR) .
    • Supports media experiences
    • Supports deep zoom
  • WP7 initially will run a superset of Silverlight 3 with phone-specific extensions like accelerometer.
  • Scott Gu mentioned that Silverlight penetration now at 60% (was 45% during PDC, this is news for me)
  • Windows Phone 7 supports 'traditional' development platforms - Visual Studio 2010, Blend.
  • Windows Phone 7 has got multi touch features, Emulator can be used for testing using Windows 7 multi touch capabilities
  • Windows Phone 7 Development tools are Free (Did I hear that right?, yes see the link below)
    • Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone
    • XNA Dev Platform For Windows Phone
    • Expression Blend 4.0 For Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone 7 has support for Accelerometer, Positioning.
  • Awesome demos – Netflix client, Foursquare (Location awareness), Streaming, Cloud integration for Music Lookup, Seesmic for Mac via Silverlight
  • Silverlight 4.0 RC is announced
  • ‘Same’ XNA platform, tools and skillset - for XBox, Windows Phone 7 and Desktop
  • Target market for Windows Phone 7: 38yo, 76% employed and 73% partnered

Downloads, Links

  • Download Windows Phone 7 Developer tools – Click Here
  • Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Training Kit now available on Channel 9 – Click Here
  • A guide to what has changed in the Silverlight 4 RC – Click Here
  • Check out the Silverlight customer highlight video – Click Here
  • MSDN Link - Read up on developing for Windows Phone in MSDN Click Here
  • ‘Right Mix’ – A nice post from Windows Mobile team – Click Here
  • Posts on Blend 4  Here and Blend 4 for Windows Phone – Here
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