Wow, the new Bing Maps (beta) Rocks. First impressions here

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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I was about to sleep, but just stumbled up on Bing’s new Silverlight Powered Map site. Really cool interactive features there. Once quick thing I noticed is the integration of apps like Photosynth with the Bing maps, along with a lot of location sensitive information like local tweets, traffic information etc, overlaid in a great way. To start with, I just started searching Chicago.


And clicked the image thingy in the left panel, and that opened a photo synth, to display a perspective 3D Photosynth of Chicago.


And more surprises. Click on that orange ‘>’ button (bottom right on the left panel), and Bing will show you the Map Apps you can add to your Map (Map Apps). This includes various apps, including a restaurant finder, a real time twitter updates viewer in the map in that location, a traffic land app to view live traffic etc, a current traffic app to show the traffic status etc..

image   image

I just enabled a couple of them, including Twitter maps, Current traffic etc, and found that Mitchmaddox had a meeting with some one, and he should have started really early to get there, because the red lines shows high intensity traffic. Also, found that along with the Automatic, Road, Aerial and Bird’s eye views, Bing also provides overlaying content like tweets, on top of the Street view. Now this is cool, I can just look around and see what people are doing here.

  image image

This is just a quick post, probably there are lot more features there to explore. Here is a post from Bing team. Also, get Bing for your mobile here

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