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Slex For Silverlight Preview 2 – Conditionally invoking Triggers & Actions, Decoupled Triggers, etc.

Couple of weeks back,  I introduced the Slex Project. And thanks to the Christmas holidays; today I checked in the Preview 2 of Slex. Here are few cool features in Slex Preview 2. You can download the same here from CodePlex – http://slex.codeplex.comWhat is there in Slex?If you are familiar with Silverlight/Expression Blend, you should be knowing about the System.Windows.Interactions infrastructure – which provides various Behaviors, Triggers and Actions. Slex is an experimental implementation of some additional triggers and actions on top of the same, along with few extension points.Triggers in Slex, and actions inside them, can be invoked based on conditions These are some notable aspects in Slex, that are not available in the triggers and actions available with Expression Blend.Slex allows you to define multiple conditions for invoking triggers (like you can specify a KeyDown event trigger should be fired only if ‘A’ is pressed) You can specify multiple conditions for invoking eac…

K-MUG (Kerala Microsoft Users Group) Meet - Dec 19th 2009, Tvm

Plan to attend the K-MUG UG Session, this Dec 19th, Technopark, Kerala. Along with Praveen and Ratheesh, I'll be talking about C# 4.0, .NET Reactive Extensions, and Managed Extensibility framework.

Details below.

Date/Time: 19-Dec-2009 @9:30 AM- 12:30 PM

UST Global, Bhavani,
Technopark, Trivandrum, Kerala

Speakers & Topics

Ratish Naroor
Senior .NET Developer / SEO Expert
Social Media
Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Anoop Madhusudanan Solution Architect at UST Global
C# 4.0 and Silverlight

VS2010 + C# 4.0 features, including dynamic programming
LINQ to Events
Managed Extensibility framework
Silverlight 4.0 features.
Event is Free, but limited seats. Please register here and ensure you bring the confirmation ticket.

Introducing Slex - Silverlight Experimental Hacks – Now you’ve a PropertyTrigger, EventTrigger, InvokeCommandAction etc.

For the last couple of week ends, I was hacking around Silverlight interactions and behaviors. Mainly, the objective was to learn the Interactivity system in depth, and in the process, I’ve done few interesting hacks.And thus born Slex project, Silverlight Experimental hacks. :). Slex is built on top of System.Windows.Interactivity framework, and supports a couple of interesting Triggers and Actions. Note: Slex is updated. Please read Slex For Silverlight Preview 2This is the intro screen of the related demo, and I’ll explain a bit on each item. The download link is towards the end of this post.As an introduction, here are few cool things you can already do with Slex. 1 – Simple example of an Event Trigger in SlexAssume that you need invoke a command, when an event is fired. You can do the same by hooking up an InvokeCommandAction inside an EventTrigger (Note that this EventTrigger is a custom implementation in Slex namespace). <i:Interaction.Triggers> <slex:Event…

Wow, the new Bing Maps (beta) Rocks. First impressions here

I was about to sleep, but just stumbled up on Bing’s new Silverlight Powered Map site. Really cool interactive features there. Once quick thing I noticed is the integration of apps like Photosynth with the Bing maps, along with a lot of location sensitive information like local tweets, traffic information etc, overlaid in a great way. To start with, I just started searching Chicago. And clicked the image thingy in the left panel, and that opened a photo synth, to display a perspective 3D Photosynth of Chicago. And more surprises. Click on that orange ‘>’ button (bottom right on the left panel), and Bing will show you the Map Apps you can add to your Map (Map Apps). This includes various apps, including a restaurant finder, a real time twitter updates viewer in the map in that location, a traffic land app to view live traffic etc, a current traffic app to show the traffic status etc.. I just enabled a couple of them, including Twitter maps, Current traffic etc, and found that Mitchm…

Silverlight : Listening to Dependency Property Change notification of a given Element

I was digging a bit around Silverlight Dependency properties, mainly to see how to receive change notification when ever a dependency property is changed. In WPF, this is straight forward, you may use the DependencyPropertyDescriptor, and call AddValueChanged. Like this. DependencyPropertyDescriptor desc = DependencyPropertyDescriptor.FromProperty (UIElement.VisibilityProperty, typeof(UIElement)); desc.AddValueChanged (this.myLabel, new EventHandler(VisibilityChanged));Now, how to do this in Silverlight? I roamed around a bit, but can't really find a good way of doing that. So, here is a quick hack. The trick is to use DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached(..) to instantiate a dependency property type (Ahem). This is what we are doing below.Create a binding with the FrameworkElement as the sourceUse DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached(..) to create a DependencyProperty instanceUse FrameworkElement.SetBinding(dp, binding) to associate the dependency property with the elemen…