Weekend Hacks - Surface SDK, Silverlight, Math and Data Visualizations

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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About Week End Hacks - Most weekends I do some digging around new and emerging technology and geek stuff. I do this by picking the links I bookmarked, or by going through the tweets I Favorited in Twitter.

For this Weekend, mostly these are the links I'll be going through.

  1. Anoop Madhusudananamazedsaint Here is where to download the Microsoft Surface SDK https://partner.surface.com... from web
  2. Jon Gallowayjongalloway Chris Harrison is consistently awesome. Scratch input is a recent example. http://www.chrisharrison.ne... from Witty
  3. Pete Cashmoremashable PhotoSketch: Photoshop + Image Recognition = Awesome - http://bit.ly/tBPKv from bit.ly
  4. Brad Abramsbrada Blog: Building The Basics: Silverlight 3, .NET RIA Services, & NHibernate (Fluent) http://bit.ly/2BGjrW from TweetDeck
  5. JoeStagnerMisfitGeek New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/yd2gpjk - SQL Azure Explorer for Visual Studio from API
  6. Google CodeGoogleCode Surf's up! Read the latest on Google Wave:http://bit.ly/207oXA (via @google) from Brizzly
  7. Dan WahlinDanWahlin RT @timheuer: A must watch video series on#channel9. Hear from @scottgu and others. Visual Studio-A documentary - http://bit.ly/1BtLG from TweetDeck
  8. Anoop Madhusudananamazedsaint APP Architecture Guide 2.0 book -http://www.codeplex.com/App... from web
  9. Scott Guthriescottgu New post from @Haacked about the new Auto HTML Encoding syntax coming w/ ASP.NET 4 Beta2:http://tinyurl.com/autoencode from web
  10. Anoop Madhusudananamazedsaint MIT Free online courses - http://bit.ly/QwD4J from web

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