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JSON Serialization and De-serialization In Silverlight - Few Handy Extension Methods

This post will give an introduction to JSON, and also I'll share a couple of handy C# extension methods to handle serialization and de-serialization of JSON (Java Script Object Notation) Data. from your Silverlight apps

To know more about JSON format, check out the - To quote,
JSON (J avaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. These properties make JSON an ideal data-interchange language.
Understanding JSON
In JSON, any object can be serialized to
A collection of name/value pairs. (For eg, from C# point of view, a simple example is Dictionary)</STRING,STRING> An ordered list of values. (An array or a list) JSON is used widely by various web apps, and is ideal for light weight data transfer over REST protocol. For example, Twitter. The following URL gives you the current twitter trends as a JSON string.


Back To Basics - Anonymous Types In C# 3.0

About Back To Basics - It's often good to look back and fill any gaps we might be having, in certain aspects of the language or framework we use. I'll be examining and blogging about some well known features of C# and .NET, in Back To Basics series - Probably in a bit more detail.

This post is about the Anonymous types in C#, and the object initializer syntax.

It is well known that starting from C# 3.0, you can initialize an object like this.
var boy = new { Name = "Jim", Age = 2 }; You specify the properties of an object, and at compile time, the compiler will create a new (anonymous) type, with the properties you specify, and with a constructor that can take the same number of arguments.

Now, let us examine our anonymous type in detail by using reflection. We'll examine whether the type is a class, along with the type's name. If you run this,
static void Main(string[] args) { var boy = new { Name = "Jim", Age = 2 }; …

Weekend Hacks - Surface SDK, Silverlight, Math and Data Visualizations

About Week End Hacks - Most weekends I do some digging around new and emerging technology and geek stuff. I do this by picking the links I bookmarked, or by going through the tweets I Favorited in Twitter.

For this Weekend, mostly these are the links I'll be going through.

amazedsaintHere is where to download the Microsoft Surface SDK webjongallowayChris Harrison is consistently awesome. Scratch input is a recent example.

Significance of Prototyping in Software Development Process

Any software or technology, in it's final form, is expected to solve a business problem for an end user. And hence, it makes perfect sense to enable the end user to validate the requirements visually, before the actual construction - to ensure that there are no surprises in the end.

Yes, this sounds so obvious, but it is often amazing to see how teams neglect such a powerful technique like prototyping. 

Prototyping the user interfaces and workflows early enough will ensure
There are no frequent change requests and release time hotch-potchRequirements are captured properlyThere is clarity in functional scope (in scope and out of scope)Analysis is good enough to start the construction phase.Why you need Prototyping?

In most scenarios, customers are not really aware about what they need. Capturing the requirements also means working with the customer to envision the final system, and at times, to suggest possible alternatives.

Let us take an example. Assume that you have a whole-sale…