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Weekend Hacks - Cool Links For Silverlight, CLR, VS2010

About Week End Hacks - Most weekends I do some digging around new and emerging technology and geek stuff. I do this by picking the links I bookmarked, or by going through the tweets I Favorited in Twitter.

Links I explored this weekend.
12 Silverlight developer videos that you can't afford to missCLR Inside out - Building TupleSilverlight toolkit - Demo here & Code here  - Demos work nicely in my Chrome :)Excellent Developer Guides on WPF, Prism, SilverlightPrism + Silverlight ResourcesA commodore 64 emulator ported to Microsoft Silverlight 3Customizing your VS 2010 startpageVS 2010 User interface guidelineDSL SDK is no longer a part of VS SDK. You Need to install DSL SDK 2010 beta separately from here 

Back To Basics - Creating A Fluent Interface in C# - For training a bunch of Dogs

About Back To Basics - It's often good to look back and fill any gaps we might be having, in certain aspects of the language or framework we use. I'll be examining and blogging about some well known features of C# and .NET, in Back To Basics series - Probably in a bit more detail.

Today Vin just tweeted "FI(Fluent Interface) - when you use method chaining, after finishing the functionality, "return this", and that's how you make it fluent".

Thought about writing a detailed post on this, just to demonstrate various possibilities of Fluent programming.
Chaining Methods - A Simple Scenario
Assuming that you are interested in training animals, let us start with a simple ITrainable interface. :)

/// /// Anything that is trainable /// public interface ITrainable { ITrainable Train(string skill); ITrainable Do(string skill); }
Well, nothing fancy there. Let us go ahead and create a Dog Class, which implemen…