PDF to XAML Conversion - Alternate Thoughts

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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Today I did a small experiment to see how we can use PDF to generate XAML files. I wanted to mimic the pdf form entry in Silverlight.

Here is the summary of what I've done.

  • Created a new Silver light Project in Expression Blend 3.0 Beta
  • As Expression Blend can import adobe illustrator files, I simply renamed a pdf file's extension from pdf to ai
  • Clicked File-> Import Adobe Illustrator files in Blend, and imported to my active window.
  • Cool, I've the whole form imported as graphical paths, preserving the whole layout.

I just modified the layout a bit so that it can be embedded it in a canvas in a scoll viewer. So that I can place Silverlight controls (textbox/checkbox etc) on top of that to Mimic form entry. Looks good.

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