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ADO.NET data services, WCF and Entity Framework

This weekend I was doing some digging around ADO.NET data services, WCF and Entity Framework ADO.NET Data Services: You can use ADO.NET Data services (you need SP1) to expose your Entity framework over the wire, with almost zero code. But as I understand, the only limitation is, the transaction is over HTTP, and at this point, I can't find any solid way of exposing data services over net.tcp.

That means, there is a small over head in terms of serialization (we all know binary serialization is faster), but the advantage is the speed of implementation for our services. We don't really need to write any services at all - You can just hook our validation and security logic around the data services and entity framework and we are done. Ideal if you are consuming data centric services over http - in scenarios like having a silverlight client, or a winform/wpf front end over http. Also on the con side - you should be aware that you can't put any serious business logic or work flo…