.NET Development - Four simple golden rules

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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1 - Some of us don't use using. Use using where ever possible
using (StreamReader reader=new StreamReader(file)) 
 //your code here 
2 - Forgetting to check if something is null, instead of trying to catch a null condition when an exception occurs
//This might throw an exception
string val=obj.Value.DomeSomething()

//Better, check for null

if (null!=obj.Value)) { 
 // Do your stuff here 
3- Forgetting to check for null after a runtime type cast
   MyType t= x as MyType;
   if (null!=t) { 
      //Do stuff here 
4- Where ever you are allocating something in try block, make sure you've a finally block to release stuff.


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  4. Wherever possible there's another way to do null checks, esp inside methods

    if(obj == null) return;

    This does two things,
    1. the line below that, will never be executed, so you are safe.
    2. The braces and indentation reduces drastically and the code that appears last in the method is very readable and maintainable.



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