Non Technical Tips for Programmers :)

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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Based on my answer for this question in Stack Overflow, about handling pressure.

Here are a couple of useful tips
  • Enjoy coding, be passionate - Don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Drink lot of water to maintain the water level in your body
  • Exercise or Practice some yoga and pranayams
  • Be smart enough to provide solutions, so that you can control the thought process of stakeholders (so that you won't have that feeling of 'getting forced to work')
  • Escalate risks at correct time
  • Meditate, feel relaxed - or go for a walk at times. Don't get glued to your seat
  • Enjoy some music
  • Be aware about your breath pattern.
  • Try Ayurveda - I've found Triphala is an excellent way to maintain your body's balance
  • Take good, balanced food - Don't skip meals.
  • Plan well. Know what you do, and focus on what you want to finish.
  • Interact with your family at times - Call your mom, wife or kids. That'll help a lot
  • Games - Cycling, Tennis, Cricket - What ever you love


  1. Non technical tips..???I heard it first time so i thought first of all..Thank you for this blog and now i ll read it out and try it our self..I like your blog..
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  2. Passion! Yes this really the key. I hate working with 9-5ers (luckily not at present company) who do not love twiddling bits.

    Love the blog -preet

  3. HI.. ive tried triphala too. its an excellent remedy for n number of disorders

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