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Stack Overflow Spamming

I got almost annoyed with the continuous spamming (still happening at the time of writing) at Stack Overflow. More than anything else, this seems like a limitation with the system itself, which don't seem to have any built in support for preventing spamming.

Well, I know this is very easy to say this, than doing - I also know Jeff and all are not short of ideas, but here are few quick features we need in Stack Overflow asap, so that a lot of us can still continue using that.

The message contained abusive text, but from the behavior,  I infer it is pretty human, it is not an automated bot.

Here are few thoughts 1 - User should not be able to ask more than one question per minute 2 - If user asks more than a limited number of questions in a short time, captcha should be shown 3 - Check for abusive words in the input, and if found a multiple times, suspend that user automatically for some time 4 - If a number of users are getting created from same IP, prevent the activity for some t…

Non Technical Tips for Programmers :)

Based on my answer for this question in Stack Overflow, about handling pressure.

Here are a couple of useful tips Enjoy coding, be passionate - Don't be afraid to ask questionsDrink lot of water to maintain the water level in your bodyExercise or Practice some yoga and pranayamsBe smart enough to provide solutions, so that you can control the thought process of stakeholders (so that you won't have that feeling of 'getting forced to work')Escalate risks at correct timeMeditate, feel relaxed - or go for a walk at times. Don't get glued to your seatEnjoy some musicBe aware about your breath pattern.Try Ayurveda - I've found Triphala is an excellent way to maintain your body's balanceTake good, balanced food - Don't skip meals.Plan well. Know what you do, and focus on what you want to finish.Interact with your family at times - Call your mom, wife or kids. That'll help a lot

A handfull of .NET Open Source projects to check out

About Week End Hacks - Most weekends I do some digging around new and emerging technology and geek stuff. I do this by picking the links I bookmarked, or by going through the tweets I Favorited in Twitter. 

This week I'll be listing down my most favorite .NET open source projects.

Iron Python
I really like the interactive programming and ability to host Python in my own apps :)
"IronPython is a new implementation of the Python programming language running on .NET. It supports an interactive console with fully dynamic compilation. It is well integrated with the rest of the .NET Framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers, while maintaining full compatibility with the Python language."
Screwturn Wiki

Is an open source wiki written in c#