Hot programming trends for the year 2009

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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I feel that the following trends might take the center stage (Not in any specific order).
  1. Cloud computing - Esp with Microsoft Azure, Google Apps Engine
  2. Practical implementation of Green Programming concepts, energy efficient designs etc
  3. Social apps and collaboration tools on top of the Cloud - like Live Mesh
  4. Parallel Programming, High Performance Computing
  5. Online documentation sharing, productivity - More apps like Microsoft Online Office, Google Docs etc
  6. More focus on determining user trends from social apps - like determining a traffic jam from twitter tweets or from google search
  7. Focus on applications that can run on multiple platforms with same code base, through containers like Silverlight, Adobe AIR
  8. Web 3.0, RDF
  9. Location intelligence in applications, mobile devices.
  10. Centralized data storage services
  11. Virtual environments and browser alternatives - like Second Life

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