Five 'Geek' C# projects for this weekend

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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About Week End Hacks - Most weekends I do some digging around new and emerging technology and geek stuff. I do this by picking the links I bookmarked, or by going through the tweets I Favorited in Twitter.

This week I'll be covering few interesting 'Geek' projects

If you love hacking code during weekends, here is a hand full of open source, super cool c# projects you might want to have a look at.

COSMOS - "An operating system written in C#". The IL is precompiled to machine code. Right now, asm is generated from IL, and NASM is used to compile IL to x86.

Singularity - Singularity provides Softare Isolation instead of hardware enforced protection domains, and heavy context switching. Developed by Microsoft Research, now available at Codeplex -

Touchless - A super cool idea, to create 'multi touch' applications using a web cam!!. The web cam input is used to do motion tracking of colored objects you place in front of it, to simulate multi touch capabilities, like resizing an image or drawing. Again, cool concept. Good work Mike!!

LINQ To Twitter - Good, really good. A LINQ provider for Twitter. Worth considering if you ever thought about writing a twitter client or twitter mining application.

AI Life  - A good reference for anyone interested in AI, Neural Networks, and Genetic algorithms. I'm particularly interested in the implementation of Steering Behaviours, where you can simulate various behaviours like Cohesion, Flee, Follow etc. Must watch if you do 2D game development.

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