Web Service Factory Modeling Edition 2008 Source Code

By Anoop Madhusudanan

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Web Service Factory Modeling Edition 2008 source code is now available :) . Interestingly, the WSFM 2008 source code gives few very interesting insights towards integrating Microsoft DSL Tools with DTE, and using DSL/DTE/GAX together. You may need to install Guided automation extensions and Guidance automation toolkit (GAX/GAT) Feb 2008 release, before installing WSFM 2008. These are the downloads for VS 2008 (You can also find releases for VS 2005, but I'm not specifiying it here)

Also, please ensure that you have

And finally, go ahead and install

Take a look at the DSL Integration project. Exciting indeed!! Also, if you are interested in Factories and modeling, bookmark the DevRevolution site rolled out by Jezz (DSLPowerToy) and other guys.

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