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Experiencing the inner joy

Experiencing the inner joy will make everything else insignificant. Every thing around us, everything we see and feel, is just energy in the subtle level. It is in our conciousness where this energy manifests as object (remember E=Mc2). This is the basis of Indian Philosophy. Everything manifests in our conciousness, and this causes the universe around us, which is called 'Maya'. Conciousness is the real source of joy or bliss, and all relgious practices, meditations etc are to take you to this source :). When the feeling of 'I' ends, conciousness and bliss dawns

Designing for extensbility - A simple Provider implementation

Download source files - 100 KbContentsThe ProblemThe SolutionSo, The Provider ImplementationDesigning the Provider ImplementationThe Provider ImplementationCreating the IPublisher InterfaceCreating the PublisherFactoryCreating the PublisherLoaderDeveloping A Simple Plug-inAn Application To Test The Provider ImplementationDesign VariationsConclusionAfter reading this article, you'll be able toChange your mindset a little bit, and start thinking about 'Provider Implementations' to provide extensibility Understand a lot about practically applying provider pattern in your projects Gain much knowledge regarding how xml configuration files and providers work (especially in context of .NET) 1) The ProblemYou are the Solution Architect of a BIG credit card company. You need to publish your credit card data to various banks, in order to get it approved. Basically, you send the card information (say, as an XML file) to a bank, the bank may or may not approve each card request, and y…