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Continuous Integration thoughts

These days, more and more companies are adopting continuous integration strategy for developing software applications. Continuous integration involves, putting a build server to build your projects periodically. In this way, builds can be automatedEven clients can track the progress of the project and have a preview of the project by using the latest builds. This helps the clients to track the progress of the project.Continuous integration prevents any last minute hassles in a project. When ever some code is changed, if there is some problem, it breaks the build and a warning regarding the incompatible code can be obtained.However, you need to put a dedicated build server for implementing Continuous Integration.Some tools that you can use to implement Continuous integration. See more details about Continuous integration here - at Martin Fowler's site. Cruise Control - a SourceForge hosted framework fo…

Neural Networks - Part III: NXML - An XML based neural network processing language

Article Series: Read In This Order- Part I | Part II | Part III Source For This Article: Download demo project - 54 KbContents1. Overview2. What is Neural XML
2.A) How To Begin2.B) Illustration 1 - A Simple NXML Application - Creating Digital Gates2.C) Illustration 2 - How To Use NXML for Brain Tumor Detection
Conclusion1. Overview
What about developing an XML based language, to help you create, train and run your own neural networks?
These articles about nxml will essentially explain two important points.
What is neural xml, and how it can be used for neural network processing What are the programming concerns, design concepts, and implementation details of nxml. In this article, we will see answer for the first question. In the next article, we will go in deep to the design and internals of nxml.
Now, let us see how this articles may help you.
If you are a neural network enthusiast, or if you want to get some initial concepts about neural networks, you can use NXML to
Generate your neura…