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Neural Networks - Part I: A simple handwriting recognition system in .NET

Article Series: Read In This Order- Part I | Part II | Part III
Source For This Article: Download source files and projects - 292 Kb ContentsOverview
1.1 Introduction to this Article Series1.2 Introduction to this Article1.3 Some Interesting Notes
2. Introducing BrainNet Library - Developing A Simple Neural Digital Gate
2.1 Some Very Basic Facts2.2 Using the BrainNet Library to Develop a 2-2-1 Network2.3 Saving and Loading a Network
3. Developing an Image/Pattern Detection System
3.1 Playing With the Pattern Detection Program3.2 Playing With the Source Code
4. Conclusion1. OverviewSolution Architect: "We have a new project. We need to develop a brain tumor recognition system. I hope you can do that?"
Dumb (And Lazy) Programmer: "No. Oh, probably yes - let me search whether I can I get a component or library for that"

The most important objective of this article series is to
Demonstrate some practical uses of neural network programming Give you a fair idea regarding neurons…