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Neural Networks - Part II: Designing a backward propagation neural network library

Article Series: Read In This Order- Part I | Part II | Part III
Source For This Article: Download source files and projects - 300 Kb
This article will explain the actual concepts of Backward Propagation Neural Networks - in such a way that even a person with zero knowledge in neural networks can understand the required theory and concepts very easily. The related project demonstrates the designing and implementation of a fully working 'BackProp' Neural Network library, i.e, the Brain Net library as I call it. You can find the theory, illustration and concepts here - along with the explanation of the neural network library project - in this article. Also, find the full source code of the library and related demo projects (a simple pattern detector, a hand writing detection pad, an xml based neural network processing language etc) in the associated zip file.
Contents1. Overview2. Before We Begin.3. Understanding Neural Networks

3.1 Biological Neurons3.2 Artificial Neurons
4. How A …