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Practically Applying Design Patterns - Part III and IV

Download source files - 195 KbContentsIntroductionIntroduction To This ArticleUsing The CodePart IIIApplying The Strategy PatternUnderstanding The Strategy PatternAdapting The Strategy PatternStrategy Pattern ImplementationPart IVApplying The Decorator PatternUnderstanding The Decorator PatternAdapting The Decorator PatternDecorator Pattern ImplementationConclusionSolution Architect: "Do you have any progress?"Dumb Developer: "Yes, I think I learned how to apply the Observer pattern to solve all problems"Solution Architect: "A single pattern to solve all problems?"Dumb Developer: "Huh, isn't that enough?"IntroductionIntroduction To This ArticleThis is the second article in this series. Before reading this article, you should read and understand the first article in this series, titledDesign Your Soccer Engine, and Learn How To Apply Design Patterns (Observer, Decorator, Strategy and Builder Patterns) - Part I and IIIn my first article (which…