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Hi, I'm Anoop

These days I'm working mainly in the software architecture space.
I am offering my consultancy services through this AmazedSaint Blog Network - - and you can find a lot of tutorials, articles, source code etc here.
About Me One day a man and a kid was walking along the sea shore and they noticed thousands and thousands of star fish washed up on the beach. Seeing this, the child started picking up the starfish gently, and throwing them back into the sea. "You're wasting your time", the man shouted to the little kid, "There's too many, what difference is it going to make, they're all going to die".
The little kid picked up another starfish, threw it back into the sea and said with a smile, "it's made a difference to that one".
I beleive in making such small differences. You may explore some of my thoughts here >>
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